Cabaret Appearances

For our shorter cabaret appearances, we generally perform some of our ‘hit’ songs, threaded with our sparkling banter and repartee. Set length – anything from five to thirty minutes or whatever tickles your fancy, madam.

Full-length shows (theatre & festivals)

Our longer shows are scripted and follow a narrative arc. Loosely! But all delivered in cabaret format.

Not so Much a Variety Show, More of a Midlife Crisis

Hosted by The Martini Encounter and embracing a heady mix of their banging toons and their dysfunctional relationships with one another, the trio present a threadbare and hilarious end of the pier/end of career variety show like no other featuring special guest acts from the worlds of burlesque, mind-reading and comedy.

RUNNING TIME 60 MINS (Can also be 90 mins plus interval)

Who Shot Wayne Sleep?

In cabaret format, former and faded variety turns, Binkie, Maud and Colin recall how they met at The Variety Club of Great Britain Rehabilitation Unit for the Criminally Deluded where they were taught to play the ukulele and organ in preparation for their release into society following their various crimes against light entertainment.


Whatever Happened to The Martini Encounter?

Recalling the controversial performance which ended their – what could very loosely be described as – ‘careers’, faded variety turns, The Martini Encounter, reform for one night only at The Carol Vordeman Playhouse in Little Rimming with their ukuleles, spoon-playing, an impressive organ, sublime vocals and gin.


Technical Requirements

We can provide:

  • 3 vocal mics & mic cables
  • 3 mic stands (angle poise)
  • 2 jack cables for ukuleles to mixing desk
  • Small mixing desk
  • Small speaker for fold back
  • Extension cable
  • Keyboard
  • Ukuleles

We require a PA system (amps and speakers) and plug socketed near the performing space.

Approx 5 x 3m performing space – (this is a guide only as we probably could squeeze into something smaller).

  • We will use the venue lighting stock and in-house PA system
  • No wings / crossover required

For full technical details email