Not so much a variety act. More a midlife crisis.


Enter the desperate and threadbare world of The Martini Encounter…

Witty, anarchic and surprising – if Carry On! and Are You Being Served were on recreational drugs and could play the ukulele – this might be the result! A cacophonous cocktail of music and comedy, shaken up and served in the unmistakable Martini Encounter style visiting the musical oeuvres of Talking Heads, Scissor Sisters, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs, Queen, Alanis Morrissette via Beyonce and Bonnie Tyler.

Binkie, Maud and Colin met at the Variety Club of Great Britain Rehabilitation Unit for the Criminally Deluded. This never refined but always eccentric, naughty and flamboyant trio are clinging onto their former ‘careers’ in what could very, very loosely be described as… ‘showbiz’.

The trio’s appearances include Glastonbury, Edinburgh, Vault and Latitude festivals, Bloomsbury and Leicester Square theatres, Pleasance London, Brighton Dome, Duckie and the Battersea Barge.

Comedy, banging toons, two tiny ukuleles, a large organ and gin. Bottoms up!